March 23, 2015

Eloise is 9 months

You guys! someone pinch me! I still can't believe this doll is all mine!?
She is nine months already! Has a full personality! She sits, stands, crawls, drools, has two teeth on the bottom and two about to come out on the top. She doesn't like to be changed. She loves to take baths. She adores her two older brothers, they make her laugh. Of course loves to be center of attention.
 I seriously love to play dress up at home with her and take photos of her. She really is my live toy. I mean c'mon look at her?! Im not trying to brag over here, but I can't help myself! I'm so blessed!
Having a daughter has changed me for the better. I look forward in waking up the next day knowing I have a smile to see and giggles to hear. She lights up my world in more ways than I can count!
I'm in love with this stage right now, well I'm gonna go and smuggle her some more before she grows up to quickly!